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Your journey to spiritual richness starts here
It’s not easy to seek the path of spirituality when you are busy with your daily life. With back-breaking work pressure, family needs, and other unrelenting demands, you find it difficult to take out the time to attain mental peace and serenity. Well, not any more. brings to you a powerful platform where you can join in at any level and awaken your spirits with the help of renowned gurus and experts.
This forum is designed to remove the barriers of distance and time which has become the major hindrance in the evolvement of a spiritual seeker. Sitting at your home, you can learn, participate, and share to achieve pure bliss and taste the nectar of true knowledge.
Gurus and specialists from all wakes of life:
Spirituality Astrology Numerology Vastu Alternative Therapy Yoga Nadi Shastra Artists (Music, Dance, Art and Culture) Travel Agents (for pilgrimages to holy places) offers several unique features, making the path to wisdom a bit easier for the spiritually inclined. Be calm even in harsh realities and let your eyes see what your heart feels.
With by your side, you can:
Become an Inquirer and explore the one stop for all your spiritual needs. Log in from wherever you are and get connected with the teachings and activities of your favourite gurus, experts, artists, or other like-minded spiritual seekers. For easy connectivity, offers login through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or LinkedIn accounts. offers you our own private sanctum, your Canvas, which will display all the latest updates and events that you wish to follow.
Inquirers can follow and remain up-to-date with all the activities of gurus, exponents, artistes or other inquirers by becoming their Admirer. The Admirers get updates of all the activities of the person they are admiring including articles, their interaction with others, their scheduled chat sessions, retreats, and updates on the latest photos or videos uploaded by them. All the admired updates are visible on your personal Canvas.
On the Insights Section of the website you can learn about the spiritual truths right from the experts, gurus, exponents, and artists. Mark any article as your favourite, LUV it, and dive down
deep into knowledge through the extensive archive of all pearls of wisdom. Wisdom Nuggets present quotes from popular gurus. Our Guest Column has articles from thought leaders and experts from various domains. You can share all that you learn through your other social media accounts, ask questions, write comments, and achieve 100% clarity about the ideas being discussed. Best Question Of The Day is selected and displayed on the website along with the answer from the master.
Seek offers the only one of its kind solution to finding answers to your spiritual questions. You can participate in Live Chat Sessions to ask your questions and get immediate response, or you can even have one-on-one exchange with your selected expert in the Consultation Section and get answers and remedial measures for your concerns. With our online payment solution, you can pay the consultation fees from anywhere you wish.
In Contemplate Section, you can upload your articles sharing your experiences in the journey of spirituality. Other users can comment, or LUV your posts. The most viewed and best rated articles would be added to the Insights Section.
Spiritual products of various vendors, companies and ashrams are featured in our Online Store. The best sellers, recently bought items, featured products, and other deals are displayed. You can view the details of various products, rate and review them, and purchase them online.
Going one step ahead to help the Inquirers, has a Services Section where all the Poojas and remedies are performed. This page has a list of the various poojas, remedial poojas and homas offered by a team of experts and pandits who will perform the poojas and remedies on behalf of the Inquirer. On selecting one Pooja, detailed description of that pooja with the procedure and prasad for the pooja will be displayed. You can book a pooja and pay for it online.
Travel and Discover
Visit the Self-treats Section to participate in various courses, workshops, retreats and events held by Ashrams, Exponents and Artistes. Inquirers can view the details of the courses and RSVP to it or add it to their calendars. For paid courses, payments could be made online. The Voyages Section on will display all the latest pilgrimages and voyages for which you can register online. You can get more details about the voyages by visiting the Canvas of the travel agents.
Our Logo
Our logo is a beautiful representation of the three essential elements of true enlightenment.
· The path - Homa Kunda: Zealous inquirers need to immerse themselves completely to attain freedom and a peaceful state of mind. This sacred pot symbolizes the actions of a seeker on the quest to spirituality. It guides the seeker in the right direction.
· The knowledge - Fire: When a seeker begins to see the truth, he is able to burn up ignorance. The fire signifies the light of knowledge and wisdom that a seeker can attain.
· The enlightened soul - Sun: Just like the sun shines with brilliance, an enlightened soul also achieves luminescence. A state of eternal bliss, total satisfaction, and complete control over the situations that present themselves in the daily life.
No need to hold back, no need for delays; you can start your quest for pure bliss, right here. Begin your journey towards an open heart and an unbridled mind with

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