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“This website has been created and established by ViinNiimVaale Media LLP, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) incorporated under the provisions of the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 for the benefit of all the subscribers. The primary objective of creating and establishing the website is to provide accessibility to enlightened persons, spiritual leaders, counsellors and others (participants) for the benefit of the subscribers who seek guidance from such participants on the website. Further the objective of the LLP is also to promote and propagate a better way of life through the benefits of Hinduism, Hindu Philosophy, Hindu Dharma and the Hindu way of life.

The LLP has also associated with the manufacturers of health care products which are natural products without adverse side effects and has made available the products online for subscribers.

While the LLP has taken all precaution required to ensure that all participants on the website are learned participants, the products distributed through the website are of good quality, advertisers are reputed in their specific fields and the medical practitioners providing advice are well qualified to give such advice (collectively referred to as services), it is hereby brought to the notice of all subscribers that neither the LLP nor the website are in any way responsible or liable for utilisation of any of the services provided on the website by the subscribers. The subscribers are hereby informed that all services availed by the subscribers should be at the discretion of the subscribers and the LLP does not in any manner whatsoever subscribe, endorse, vouch or in any other manner stand guarantee for all or any of the services offered on the website. The LLP registered as Viin Niim Vaale Media LLP at 527 D Road Ideal Homes 2nd phase Rajarajeshwari Nagar Bangalore , Telefax : +91 080 28606768 is only a facilitator to the subscribers through the website to have access to the services of their choice and as required by them.


The participation of the subscribers on the website to avail any or all services is at their sole discretion and at their own risk and cost. The LLP shall not be held responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for any damages caused, losses incurred, adverse impact and others that may arise from utilisation of the services offered on the website. Any grievance any subscriber might have against any of the services should be addressed directly by the subscribers to the concerned party with only information to the LLP through the website.

The subscribers are requested to read the entire disclaimer fully to understand the implications before availing through the website the services required by them.”

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